Roads Highways and Paths
The surfaces upon which people and things are transported.
Costa Rica Freeway Highway 1 Highway 101 Misc. Path San Francisco
Highway 101, A California Road

Extends from LA to Santa Rosa

Highway 1, A California Road

A winding highway along the coast

Costa Rica, Roads and Highways
Freeway, As One of Roads, Highways and Paths

A controlled-access highway is a type of highway which has been designed for high-speed vehicular traffic, with all traffic flow ingress- and egress-regulated. Common English terms are freeway (in Australia, South Africa, United States and Canada), motorway (in the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Ireland, New Zealand and parts of Australia) and expressway (parts of Canada, parts of the United States, and many Asian countries). Other similar terms include Interstate and parkway. Some of these may be limited-access highways, although this term can also refer to a class of highway with somewhat less isolation from other traffic.[from wikipedia]

Misc., Roads, Highways, and Streets
Path, Surfaces As Transport Means

Upon which pedestrians walk

San Francisco, Street Starts And Ends

In San Francisco, roads begin with the number 000 and end with END.

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