Fences and Outdoor Walls
Broken Chain-Link Gate Hedge Fence Metal Stone Fence Wire Wood
Broken, Fence, As A Found Example Of Structure

To reduce to fragments, as in ruptured, torn, or fragmented.[paraphrased from dictionary dot com]

Chain-Link, Fence

A fence created by weaving thick wires together into a diamond pattern.Also called wire netting, chain-wire fence, cyclone fence or hurricane fence.

Gate, As Part Of A Fence Structure

A gate or gateway is a point of entry to a space which is enclosed by walls. Gates may prevent or control the entry or exit of individuals, or they may be merely decorative. Other terms for gate include yett and port. The word derives from the old Norse "gata", meaning road or path, and originally referred to the gap in the wall or fence, rather than the barrier which closed it. [from wikipedia]

Hedge Fence, As An Outdoor Wall, Eugene, Oregon

Sometimes a metal fence is combined with a plant for better protection.

Metal, Fence
Stone Fence, As An Outdoor Structure

Stone walls are a kind of masonry construction that has been used for thousands of years. The first stone walls were constructed by farmers and primitive people by piling loose field stones into a dry stone wall. Later, mortar and plaster were used, especially in the construction of city walls, castles, and other fortifications before and during the Middle Ages.[from wikipedia]

Wire, Fence
Wood, Fence
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