Gardens Of Balboa Park
The park was host to over a dozen fabulous gardens, ranging from cactus to roses, to palm trees, and from Japanese to Spanish.
Alcazar Garden Casa del Rey Moro Desert Garden Japanese Moreton Bay Old Cactus Palm Canyon Rose Garden Zoro Garden
Alcazar Garden, Balboa Park

Patterned after the gardens of Alcázar Castle, Seville, SpainMostly used these days for wedding ceremonies. Open 10:00 a.m.until dusk.

Moreton Bay, Fig Tree, Balboa Park

Moreton Bay Fig Tree Planted in 1914 with a girth of 42 feet.The three had a height of 80 feet and a canopy of 145 feet.

Casa del Rey Moro, Garden

Meant "House of the Moorish King" Garden.Designed by Richard Requa for the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition.

Desert Garden, Balboa Park

Near the Rose Garden and next to Park BoulevardIt contains more than 1,300 plants, including succulents and drought-resistant plants from around the world.

Japanese, Garden

The Japanese Friendship Garden is named "San-Kei-En"meaning "three Scene Garden." A replacement for theoriginal Tea Garden that survived from 1914 until 1941.

Old Cactus, Garden

A small cactus garden located behind the Balboa Park Club.Built in 1935 for the California Pacific International Exposition it containssome of the largest cactus in the park.

Palm Canyon, Trail

A dirt and stairway trail under tall palm trees.The area is over 2 acres in size and has over 70 species of exotic palm plants.

Rose Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, California

Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose GardenAll-American Rose Selection Display Garden containing over 2,400 rose bushes in 180 varieties.

Zoro Garden, Balboa Park

A butterfly garden and former nudest colony.Named afer Queen Zorine, an actress that performed there in 1935.

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