2012 Burning Man Decompression Festival
A festival for those who attended, or did not attend, 2012 Burning Man to decompress afterward.
Kids Music & Dance Outfits People Signs Vehicles
Kids, At 2012 Burning Man Decompression

Kids enjoyed kid activities at the Festival.

Music & Dance, At 2012 Burning Man Decompression

A selection of bands and dancers at the festival.

Outfits, At 2012 Burning Man Decompression

An examination of the attire worn by folks at the fair.

People, At 2012 Burning Man Decompression

An tour of the people seen at the festival.

Signs, At 2012 Burning Man Decompression

A few of the signs found around the festival.

Vehicles, At 2012 Burning Man Decompression

Cars, busses and the like littered the area.

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