Urban Trees Of San Diego
Tree theme art sponsored by the Port of San Diego. An annual event since 2004.
"Precision" 2010 Bayside Dance 2010 Green Fire 2006 Nature's Berth 2011 Sea Dragon 2006 Sea Level 2011
Bayside Dance 2010, Urban Trees 7

Artist: Frank Lee Cota,sheet steel and copper.

Green Fire 2006, Urban Trees 3

Artist: Robert Verhees,Stainless steel and blown glass.

Nature's Berth 2011

Artist: Anne Oshman,fiberglass, styrofoam and stained glass.

"Precision" 2010, Ken Smith

Artist: Ken Smith,Stainless steel

Sea Dragon 2006, Urban Trees 3

Artist: Deana Mando,Epoxy fiberglass over aluminum tube frame with welded steel supports

Sea Level 2011

Artist: Dana Kim Ogburn,Metal and wood

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