Collected Exhibits of Art
California's Community Colleges Cool Globes Gateway Newsboxes Palo Alto Pier 34 Heads Rooster Art San Jose Doors Spokane Contributors Urban Trees
California's Community Colleges

Student Success Stories ProjectUsing Art to Advocate and Educate

Cool Globes

Cool globeshot ideas for a cooler planet

Rooster Art, At The Inn At 5th in Eugene, Oregon

The theme of the Inn At 5th in Eugene, Oregon was the rooster.It appeared in several places in and around the property.

Newsboxes, Decorated As Art

Found along a walkway from the street, during the Art And Soul Festival of Oakland.

Palo Alto, Art Signal Boxes

Signal control boxes decorated by artists unknown(map )

Pier 34 Heads

Small sculpted heads on posts on piers 32/34

San Jose Doors, Art On Service Doors, And Utility Boxes, San Jose, California

The 20 students selected for 2018 Downtown Doors exhibition shared personal insights and emotions to create artworks with themes ranging from the portrayal of strong women to the comical, all the while splashing vibrant colors and utilizing an abundance of techniques and styles on downtown San Jose's urban landscape. These compelling pieces of art will add aesthetic relief to San Jose's core by being attached to downtown service doors and utility boxes located mostly on key thoroughfares. The artworks also offer food for thought to thousands of pedestrians.[from san jose foundation website]

Gateway, by Ik-Joong Kang

Located in the International Terminal at SFO

Spokane Contributors

The Spokesman Review Building,Artist Wayne Chabreof Walla Walla, Washington

Urban Trees, Of San Diego

Tree theme art sponsored by the Port of San Diego. An annual eventsince 2004.

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