Twin Walls Mural Company San Francisco, California
Two little ladies paint big walls to help beautify and give color to the city and their surroundings. ( Elaine Chu and Marina Perez-Wong, that is) Our first project came about by helping our dear friends Joe and Jourdain with some signage. We painted the logo on the front facade of their business, Mr. Muggle's Doggy Day Care, located at 18th and Harrison Streets in San Francisco. [from the artists' website]
La Flor de la Vida Mural 2015
La Flor de la Vida Mural 2015, In Loving Memory of Marsha Pannone, Twin Walls Mural Company, Artists: Marina Perez-Wong and Elaine Chu, 3473 25th Street, San Francisco, California

Early on we noticed how young women responded and reacted to our work but we especially noticed our importance as lady painters because the most common phrase we tend to hear is: "Oh YOU'RE painting that? I thought it was guys. I didn't realize girls were doing that." Another one of our favorites that we get daily when working on scaffolding is "Be careful up there!" (always from men of various ages). All very entertaining and frustrating simultaneously.[from the Twin Walls website]

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