Families First Children And Davis Artists As A Collaboration Form Of Art Davis, California
EMQ FamiliesFirst is a local nonprofit social service organization dedicated to bettering the lives of children and families through a variety of programs tailored to each individual. Job seekers are encouraged to apply due to high turnover. A variety of positions are available for individuals with high school diplomas, bachelors, and masters degrees. [from davis wiki]
"New Again" Mural 1991
"New Again" Mural 1991, Artist: Families First Children, With Help From: Davis Artists, Davis, California

The Davis Family Mural, officially titled New Again is possibly the most unintentionally disturbing piece of public art in Davis. It was created by local artists along with children from the FamiliesFirst program. This piece is part of the City of Davis' "Art in Public Places" program, which seeks to "purchase art that enhances the quality of the Davis environment."[from davis wiki]

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