1AM Art Studio As A Collaboration Form Of Art San Francisco, California
1AM, being a graffiti and street art gallery since 2008, is passionate about making graffiti and street art accessible through custom murals as a way of visually telling the story of your brand and/or evoking a feeling with art. We specialize in interior and exterior graffiti, street art, and urban contemporary murals for offices, residential homes, brand campaigns, interior designers, building owners, architects, art consultants, retail businesses, restaurants, event planners, schools, and live painting at events. While we hand paint our custom murals with brush and spray paint, we can create more depth using our custom digital wallpaper printer and vinyl decal cutter for a mixed media project. [from 1am website]
Apparel City Mural Churchill Bar Mural Claude Alley Mural 2012 Fish Mural Knowledge Is Golden Mural 2012
Apparel City Mural, Artist: 1AM Studio Muralists, Washburn Street at Howard Street, San Francisco, California

Apparel City Sewing Machine Company is your complete resource center for cutting, pressing, sewing machines and equipment. We have been family owned and operating in the South of Market neighborhood since 1948. [from apparel city website]

Churchill Bar Mural, by 1AM Art Studio, As A Collaboration Form Of Art, San Francisco, California

Churchill serves up straightforward, world-class cocktails in a space that recalls WWII-era bars and canteens. If a well-traveled diplomat needed a stiff drink during his stopover in San Francisco during the 1940s, we like to think this would be his favorite watering hole. We've mixed vintage fixtures, raw and reclaimed materials with modern accents to create an atmosphere of unpretentious sophistication: Yes, our bar is handcrafted from a single slab of walnut. No, we don't expect you to be gentle with it.[from churchill bar website]

Claude Alley Mural 2012, By: 1AM Art Studio, Claude Alley at Kearney, San Francisco, California

Flowers painted on the outside of a building that was empty for a while.

Fish Mural, By: 1AM Art Studio, On The Irish Bank Restaurant, 10 Mark Lane, San Francisco, California

The Irish Bank Bar & Restaurant is one of America's most authentic, historically accurate and romantic Irish pubs. The Irish Bank can be found snugly nestled in its own lane in the heart of downtown San Francisco.[from Irish Bank website]

Knowledge Is Golden Mural 2012, 1AM Studio Muralists, 7th Street and Brannan, San Francisco, California

The sentiment that Knowledge Is Golden harkens back to San Francisco's gold rush days. Yet, at the same time, it reflects the influx of knowledge based startups that form today's gold rush.[paraphrased from Art and Architecture]

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