Thursday 13 May 2021
Red Matrix, Asiatic Lily, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

Our Red Matrix Asiatic Lily grew at the edge of our "beast" stone raised garden bed. It was currently in the shade. A tag stuck in the ground identified the plant. It omitted the name red, but otherwise was accurate. Many of the Red Matrix Asiatic Lily had bloomed. The were striking with their red petals and their orange core. A closer view of one of the blooms of the Red Matrix Asiatic Lily. Another closer view of the dramatic blooms of the Red Matrix Asiatic Lily in our side yard raised garden bed.
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Wednesday 12 May 2021
2004 Hearts In San Francisco, Artist: Hung Liu, Lion Street Stairs, San Francisco, California

A bird, with head down, had it wings spread on the front of the Hung Liu heart. Multicolored circles decorated the rest of the heart, and all of the circles dripped paint. On the back of the Hung Liu heart, a colorful bird took flight. Perhaps to escape dripping circles. One the left side of the back of the Hung Liu heart, connected dots and dripping circles lay ahead of a colorful bird with wings spread.
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Tuesday 11 May 2021
1974 Gloria Graves, As A Named Person, Location Unknown

Gloria sat in the living room and gazed at the others.
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Monday 10 May 2021
2021 Terry Costales, As A Named Person, Mother's Day, Eugene, Oregon

Her first present was a puzzle that featured dogs. Terry's second present that Mother's Day morning was an abstract 1,000 piece puzzle. A bouquet had been created by Dieter's friend. A lovely arrangement of flowers was one of three that decorated the dining room table that morning. A charcoal barbecue was set up on the outside patio. Beyond brand meet-less brats and corn on the cob were cooking for lunch. A vase filled with sun flowers was a gift from Benny. That was the second bouquet that decorated the dining room table that morning. A small succulent in a decorated pot was the third plant to bestow a celebratory feeling on the dining room table.
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Sunday 9 May 2021
Korean Rock Fern, (Polystichum Isus-simense), As A Flowering Fern Plant, Eugene, Oregon

This Korean Rock fern provided a lovely splash of green in the backyard garden. A small, shade-loving fern grew in the back garden next to a path. It started out tiny and had grown into almost full size.
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Saturday 8 May 2021
Orange Matrix, Asiatic Lily, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

A closer view of the Orange Matrix, Asiatic Lily blooms. A cluster of orange flowers bloomed atop the Orange Matrix, Asiatic Lily planted in the sided garden. An Orange Matrix, Asiatic Lily was getting ready to bloom in the side yard raised bed. Long narrow leaves radiated outward from a dark, central, vertical stem. The leaves were a deep green. The blooms on the Orange Matrix, Asiatic Lily plant faced upward. Several flowers grew atop each of two main stems.
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Friday 7 May 2021
1948 Terry Costales, As a Named Person, McCloud, California

Terry was standing at a campsite table between her mother and uncle Bill. At this young age, who could have predicted what a perfect woman she would become.
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Thursday 6 May 2021
Terry And Debi, As a Named Group, Shasta Lake, South Campground, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, California

Terry with Gypsy, and Debi with Harlow, sat on either end of the entrance sign for "Ski Island South Campground, National Recreation Area." It was a pleasantly warm day for the dogs to enjoy the forest.
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Wednesday 5 May 2021
1973 Terry Costales, As a Named Person, Somewhere In California

Terry turned to her left to gaze into the distance. The presence of trees and lawn suggest this was a park. Terry was dressed in a winter cap and a bulky sweater on a cold California morning. Her expression said this was not a fun temperature for a portrait.
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Tuesday 4 May 2021
2009 Terry Costales, As a Named Person, Amazon River, Peru and San Francisco, California

After a long, hot and humid day on the Amazon River, Terry sought relief in a hotel swimming pool. Terry had successfully crossed a wooden bridge in the jungle. She waved so show how happy she was to have made it safely across. While on a freshwater cruise along the Amazon River in Peru, Terry took a turn steering the ship. Of course the boat was anchored when this photo was taken. The Amazon River was hot and humid. Terry tried to cool off by drinking an ice cold juice box named, "Gloria." By coincidence, Gloria was her mother's name. Terry began 2009 by walking around Chinatown with her brother David. She found, and pointed to, a souvenir license plate with the word "Terry" on it.
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Monday 3 May 2021
Ponds, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

A boy, wearing blue shorts and a blue t-shirt, stepped from rock to rock in one of the ponds of Golden Gate Park. He held a plastic bag in one hand, perhaps to catch a fish or a frog.
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Sunday 2 May 2021
2011 Terry Costales, As A Named Person, San Francisco, California

Terry posed for a photograph while standing by the front window of a condo in San Francisco. One could only guess what she was thinking that day. Perhaps her thoughts were in anticipation of a chance to photograph animals.
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Saturday 1 May 2021
2008 Coverage Of Teenagers, As People Of A Certain Age, Quepos, Costa Rica

A teenager guarded an aluminum ladder being used to set up a polling station in Quepos, Costa Rica.
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Friday 30 April 2021
1972 Diane Rhine, As A Named Human Being, With Actor Michael Douglas, Ord Street, San Francisco, California

Diane posed with the actor Michael Douglas in front of the house on Ord Street in San Francisco. A film company was creating a new episode for the TV show, "Streets of San Francisco." This is how a selfie was taken in the old days. Someone else would take the photo of Diane with a movie star and then post it on a website decades later.
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