Monday 18 October 2021
Inside Decorations, 2021 Halloween, As Party Invitation Images, Eugene and Salem, Oregon

A Halloween themed village was set up on a low table in the corner of the living room. That village included a Fun House, a haunted house, a cemetery, and a haunted ferris wheel. The dining room was decorated for Halloween. There was a pumpkin on the wall, autumn colored flowers in vases on the table, and a black table cloth with a spider web design.
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Sunday 17 October 2021
Skeleton, 2021 Halloween, As Party Invitation Images, Eugene and Salem, Oregon

The skeleton of a cat crouched next to the trunk of a tree. It appeared ready to leap forward to frighten kids. A lone skull on a stick screamed just as the sun was about to set. Two skulls decorated the corners of an old fashioned hearse. A skeleton sat on the driver's seat, but held no reigns. A closer view of the skull of a skeleton as it would face approaching trick-or-treaters. The skull wore too much eye makeup. A cardboard, cartoon skeleton was held to the wall using a push pin. This skeleton was intended to create joy instead of fear. The skull of a skeleton stared out from the wall. It was covered with silver glitter, making it more of a party skull.
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Saturday 16 October 2021
Spider, 2021 Halloween, As Party Invitation Images, Eugene, Oregon

An abstract spider, cut from cardboard, hung from a cloth ribbon attached to the mantel of the fireplace. A handful of glow in the dark spiders had been tossed on the table cloth. The pattern of the table cloth showed a fly caught in a spider's web. A round pad had been set into the center of the dining room table. The pattern on the pad showed painted spiders crawling over a painted web. A large plastic replica of a spider crawled up the wall next to the kitchen. The shadow of its legs were not painted on the wall, instead they were actual shadows cast by one of the kitchen lights.
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Friday 15 October 2021
Bamboo, As A Grass, A Form Of A Plant, Salem, Oregon

A much torn blue ball lay in an tiger enclosure, with bamboo lining the wall behind. A wall of bamboo along a fence prevented neighbors from seeing into the yard.
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Thursday 14 October 2021
Upholstery Fabric, As Home Decor, Salem, Oregon

The fabric, covering the seat of a wooden, dining-room chair, featured cherubs cavorting and playing across the surface of the fabric. The scene was spoiled by blue crumbs scattered across part of the surface.
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Wednesday 13 October 2021
Jack-O'-Lanturns, 2021 Halloween, As Party Invitation Images, Salem and Eugene, Oregon

An eldery looking Jack-O'-Lantern was placed near a post on the front porch of the house. Its wrinkles caused it to appear extra frightening. A cutout of a Jack-O'-Lantern was hung on the wall and stared at an unlit candle. This Jack-O'-Lantern was covered in orange glitter. A pair of Jack-O'-Lanterns were placed against, and behind, a boulder in the front yard. A Jack-O'-Lantern without a face, had carved into it stars, ghosts and bats. This Jack-O'-Lantern sat next to a clock at 4:33 p.m. (16:33:00) in the afternoon. On the other side was a sign that read, "Hello Pumpkin."
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Tuesday 12 October 2021
Signs, 2021 Halloween, As Party Invitation Images, Salem and Eugene, Oregon

A sign near the front of the yard was surrounded by Jack-O-Lanterns. The sign read, "Hallows End Cemetery Est 1856." A "Warning" sign had three deep scratches on it. The sign read, "Warning Watch For Werewolves." In the lower righthand side of this image were the tiny words, "Happy Halloween." In the lower lefthand side of this image were the words, "©2014 Bendon Bendon2340211211F168118245-05/14 81684-TG F 05/14 Printed in Haining, Zheijang, China." A small framed whiteboard leaned against the bricks of the living room mantel. That sign read, "Bless Our Nest," and was flanked by Halloween figures.
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Monday 11 October 2021
Pumpkin, 2021 Halloween, As Party Invitation Images, Eugene, Oregon

A pumpkin decorated the concrete front porch. This particular pumpkin was the only one grown in our garden this year. Three different types of pumpkins were placed on the bricks to the left of the garage door. They were appropriate decorations for Halloween in particular, and for autumn in general. Their orange color could warm up the most chilly and overcast day.
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Sunday 10 October 2021
More SunPatiens® Paradise Pink Flowers, As A Flowering Plant, Eugene, Oregon

A closer view of the three SunPatiens® Paradise Pink plants. Their pink flowers splashed against their own leaves. Once the SunPatiens® Paradise Pink flowers began to bloom, they became covered with those flowers. In context, those overflowing SunPatiens® Paradise Pink plants formed a lovely splash of pink against a wall of green. Our second of three Sunpatiens® Paradise Pink bushes was planted in a corner and displayed it first flower. All three of our Sunpatiens® Paradise Pink bushes planted in one of our raised vegetable garden bins. It was clear that each of the three had grown by a different amount. The four rocks were simply present for decoration.
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Saturday 9 October 2021
2021 Halloween Bones, As Party Invitation Images, Eugene, Oregon

A few more realistic (but fake) human bones were tossed on top of an evergreen bush. Almost appearing as if a skeleton walked by the night before and fallen to pieces. Accurate replicas of human bones littered the front porch. The skull was the only exception, because it appeared so obviously fake. More replicas of human bones were piled in the saucer of a front porch plant. Dead branches and leaves of the plant aided in making the bones appear authentic.
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Friday 8 October 2021
2021 Halloween Tombstones, As Party Invitation Images, Salem, Oregon

The front lawn of a home in Salem, Oregon was littered with tombstones. There was one for Frankenstein, one labeled simply RIP, and another for Dobby from the Harry Potter books and films. A fancy tombstone near the front of the lawn read, "Bob Loblaw; Sept 22, 1821; Feb 10,1906; Died Of Extreme Indifference."
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Thursday 7 October 2021
2021 Dolls, As Artificial People, Salem, Oregon

A doll had pink plastic flowers instead of hair. That doll had two Halloween dolls on her lap. Next to the doll was an eagle, an outhouse, and a jack-o-lantern. A doll was leaned back against a wall. It held two other dolls, thereby creating a sort of a family.
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Wednesday 6 October 2021
Reprise: Urban Holes, As A Form Of Deconstruction, San Francisco, Emeryville, Dublin, Ireland and Costa Rica

A hole was chiseled part way into a brick wall. That time was wasted because another wall of bricks was behind that first wall. A hole in a sidewalk had its edges worn away. Inside the hole, grass and clover grew. A pair of potholes in the street posed a risk to tires. One of the potholes had been filled, while the other pothole had grass growing in it. Note that potholes can exist in urban, suburban, private and country roads. A grate had been left off a hole in the street next to a sidewalk. That open hole was a danger to anyone walking along the gutter.
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Tuesday 5 October 2021
Reprise: Pizza, As Prepared Food, San Francisco and Oakland, California

A homemade pizza with egg, cheese and radishes. Note that the radishes were added after the pizza was baked. The traditional meat and cheese pizza was for sale by the slice at the North Beach Fair. The pizza had just been removed from the oven and not yet sliced. This may have been a chopped spinach and cheese pizza (or perhaps a close up shot of spinach dip). Whichever it was, it was delicious.
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