Thursday 22 October 2020
2019, Denver, As A Named Human Being, Birthday Party, Eugene, Oregon

Another of Denver's gifts was a dress, perfect for the warm summer months ahead. Denver was amazed that Oliver allowed her to put a pink tiara on his head. Denver held up another gift, a framed work of art. Westley posed for the camera while wearing a pink "Sweet Sixteen" tiara that clashed with his orange shirt. A "Sweet Sixteen" banner was hung on the wall opposite the dining room. That wall too was decorated. Oliver ("Duck") Williams was the first to arrive at the party. The room, viewed from his low vantage point, was decorated for a Birthday party.
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Wednewsday 21 October 2020
2010 Theater and Movie Lights, As A Form Of Decor, Chinese New Year Parade, San Francisco, California

A large outdoor canister light pointed upward to illuminate a window. Spill from that light illuminated a tree.
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Tuesday 20 October 2020
1980 Joe Towers, Location Unknown, Copy of a Poloroid Photograph

Joe Towers with Nancy Lacer, Larry (Duke) Perkins with eyes shut. Lark Engle and Daryl (Ozzie Gumps) Hallmark with eyes open. Joe Towers with Nancy Lacer, Larry (Duke) Perkins. Lark Engle and Daryl (Ozzie Gumps) Hallmark with eyes shut. Joe Towers took a moment to pose for a photograph taken with a Polaroid camera. Joe Towers with Nancy Lacer (Lark Engle in background) chatted with persons unknown.
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Monday 19 October 2020
2016 Terry Costales Birthday, As a Named Person, Eugene, Oregon

The candles were plucked out of the cake one by one, before the cake could be cut. Terry held up one of her presents. It was a t-shirt that read, "This is my Sexy Lingerie." A final photograph of the cake, having been cut, and already served and eaten by the party attendees. All the candles on her birthday cake were lit except one. The many candles were used for effect, instead of her actual number of candles. Festive "Happy Birthday" napkins were laid atop a festive balloon-themed table cloth. Terry held up all her presents at once. The presents were all wrapped in different patterned wrapping papers.
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Sunday 18 October 2020
Spiders, In 2020, Halloween, Party Invitation Images, San Francisco, California and Eugene, Oregon

Only a few strands were left behind after a gate was opened and destroyed a web. The spider had wisely escaped upward toward the roof. A real spider had created a web between two bushes that hung over a path. Two actual flies were caught in the web showing that this was a productive place for a web. A fake spider was attached to a tree, which in turn was wrapped in a fake web. Although it appeared soft, the red eyes gave it a sinister apperance.
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Saturday 17 October 2020
2008 Reflections On Water, As A Form Art, On Way To Tortuguero, Costa Rica

The boat ride into Tortuguero, Costa Rica took us past an embankment right out of a novel. A classic jungle scene reflected off calm, warm river water. The weather that day was hot and humid.
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Friday 16 October 2020
Graffiti On Signs, As A Form of Deconstruction, Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, California

A "No Parking" sign was covered in graffiti. The large writing was spray painted. The smaller writing was a mixture of chalk and flow pens. Behind the graffiti the sign read, "No Parking, 2am to 6am, Mon through Fri, Street Cleaning." Behind the sign was a temporary, cyan porta-potty from "United Site Services."
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Thursday 15 October 2020
Signage, In 2020, Halloween, Mrty Invitation Images, Eugene, Oregon

A cardboard skull was stuck to a wall. The surface of the skull glittered. A black cat crept over orange grass and in front of a full moon. That sign was stuck on a glass sliding door. The eyes of the cat were wide open and created a spooky feeling. Another sign was also affixed to a glass sliding door. The second sign read, "Happy Haunting," and featured the face of a cartoon Dracula peering out over the U of Haunting. A band of "Caution Danger" ribbon wrapped a column. A plastic spider was stuck into the ribbon as a spooky accessory. A book of potions rested on a corner shelf just behind a black pumpkin.
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Wednesday 14 October 2020
Graffiti On Concrete, McAbee Beach, Cannery Row, Monterey, California

A partly obscured word was spray painted on a concrete wharf support under a pier in Monterey, California. The presence of that word on that particular piece of concrete caused it to become graffiti.
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Tuesday 13 October 2020
Hood Ornament, As Aircraft Transportation, San Francisco, California

A jet plane, made of chromed metal, decorated the hood of a car parked in San Francisco. That hood ornament gave the impression of a smooth, fast ride. Unfortunately, at the time, no notation of the make of the car was preserved.
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Monday 12 October 2020
Griffins, As Mythological Icons

A griffin with a human face lay on a porch rail and guarded the residents from interlopers. Although a true griffin must have the head of an eagle, a human head can be much more intimidating.
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Sunday 11 October 2020
Footpaths, In 2020, Halloween, Party Invitation Images, Sausalito, California

A leaf hidden path passed over a wooden bridge behind a locked gate off Bridgeway in Sausalito, California. This path appeared to lead toward spooky danger. Another path ran parallel to the street and behind a fence. This second path was blocked by spider-like twigs. A pedestrian would have to crawl through a tangle to access whatever lay beyond.
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Saturday 10 October 2020
The Campground, At Honeyman State Park, Lane County, Oregon, As A Camping Place

In the late afternoon, two families joined each other for a walk, through Honeyman State Park campground. Brandon, Denver, and Westley, and the dog Dexter were one family. Terry, Bryan (taking the photograph), and the dog Gypsy were the second family. Despite leashes, the dogs seemed to enjoy themselves.
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Friday 9 October 2020
Mountain View, A California City, As Seen In 2006

An asphalt sidewalk ran down only one side of the road. A distant "No Parking" sign meant the road was too narrow to allow parking. The road was tree lined and curved to disappear around a bend.
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